Academic Editing & Proofreading Service
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Price : 350.00 LKR


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    We copy-edit and proofread theses, dissertations and technical documents as well as research papers and case studies intended for submission to academic journals and professional bodies. Quality of Written Communication (QWC) is extremely important for research papers. If you do not pay sufficient attention to it this can detract considerably from your work. We can help improve the QWC of your academic submission by copy-editing and proofreading same. We do this by correcting the grammar, spelling, punctuation and capitalization mistakes; we also put right typos, citation errors and poor syntax (i.e. bad sentence structure). By adding further refining touches we eliminate ambiguity, enhance clarity and order a coherent and smooth flow of text so that your writing will be highly readable and easily understandable. Please note that improvements to the paper will be limited to these measures, as we do not undertake to perform ‘Restructuring’ or ‘Deep-editing’ of your academic output. However, we can paraphrase (i.e. express the same ideas using different words) an entire document or only the highlighted passages if that is the service you require. Strict confidentiality is assured. For long documents, the client can obtain a sample edit of one page to verify the quality of our work. Please send the documents in DOCX format as email attachments with your contact number. A ‘track changes’ file will also be prepared and sent so that the editing changes can be spotted readily. 300 words are counted as one page when working out the charges. EDIT RIGHT LANKA “Right Way to Write®” Email: [email protected] Phone: 076 3543685